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Personal & Professional Profile

Anything can be done given enough time and resources, but usually it can be done for a lot less time and money if you clearly understand your goals. Think outside the box, implement in the real world.

I am currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Florida Panthers (NHL) and BB&T Center, the premier sports and entertainment venue in Sunrise Florida. I am responsible for Operations and Arena Management, Technology, and Human Resources.

My team manages almost 1,000,000 square feet of infrastructure with 300 daily users swelling to 20,000 guests during events. Besides NHL hockey, we also support concerts and other events at the venue with a mixture of wired and wireless infrastructure. This includes 2000 linear feet of LED boards and a 59,000 lbs retractable HD scoreboard. The operations staff comprises event services, parking, security, facility management staff and engineers, and ushers.

Having been active in computer technology through the evolution of networking into the public Internet we know today gives a valuable perspective on how humans interact and communicate using computer technology. My broad understanding from the physical bare metal up to the application layers in the cloud give me the ability to design and engineer networks that perform optimally.

I am a patented inventor and innovative technical expert with over twenty years of Cisco and Internet experience and believe that most technology problems can be fixed by doing less. Overly complex solutions require complex management and should only be used to solve ‘outage’ conditions.

It is still possible to have a 10 year technology plan. With clear requirements, manageable design, and planned refreshes, a company can keep up with customer, vendor, and employee technology demands. Mobility, IPv6, and BYOD can all be integrated into business in an organized and secure fashion.

Technical Skills

Timeline of Skills

1982 – Wrote first program in BASIC
1985 – Interconnected two computers
1991 – Joined the public Internet
1994 – Installed a public Linux server
1995 – Founded Cisco equipment based ISP
1996 – Built custom VoIP call triggering system
1999 – Sold VoIP call triggering system to Ursus
2000 – Built enhanced VoIP over satellite service
2002 – Co-founded WebVoIP billing software company
2005 – Cisco VoIP and PSTN C7 / SS7 interconnects
2006 – Developed Intelligent VoIP re-routing system (patent granted)
2007 – Designed and led implementation of multi-city meshed network
2008 – Took reins of Diamante Commercial Property Services
2010 – Social media development for Small Business
2011 – Cisco IPv6 Planning and Deployment
2012 – VMWare to Hyper-V Migrations
2013 – Guest Blogger for Cisco Systems
2014 – Lead Technologist for Florida Panthers (NHL)
2019 – Arena Operations Leadership


Some technologists make things work, I make them work together.


Work Experience

Chief Information Officer

Arena Operating Company (Florida Panthers (NHL) | BB&T Center)

  • Period: 2014 – Present day
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Available

Operations leader including technology working to create efficient workflows for staff and continuous improvement for the guest fan experience. Hands on expert from bare metal to the cloud with a passion for arena and stadium challenges

  • Member Executive Council
  • Deployed Ultra High Density Wi-Fi supporting up to 10,000 users
  • Developed Concert and Event Sales team and helped optimize pricing
  • Founded business analytics and intelligence group
  • Employee communications and conflict resolution
  • Active Mentor/Coach across company departments
  • Hosted 2015 NHL Draft with 30,000 feet of cable, 600 media drops, 125 new wireless access points.
  • Migrated from legacy Meridian PBX to Cisco Call Manager with migration to SIP Trunks.
  • Consolidation of storage and server virtualization with VMware.
  • Restructuring of network for more efficient flows.
  • Designed new video broadcast fiber network infrastructure.
  • Working to improve systems and network security through design, appliances, and continuing user education.
  • Improvements to helpdesk documentation and issue tracking.
  • Cross department communication from associates to chiefs.

Technology Architect


  • Period: 2008 – 2014
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Available

Consulting to businesses to make better use of technology and help migrate existing infrastructure to current standards through virtualization and cloud services utilizing Cisco networking equipment.

  • Analysis and recommendations of direct marketing company leading to 10% annual costs savings to the business owners through smarter use of data and throttled delivery with analysis of MySQL databases.
  • Network security analysis and reporting utlizing nmap, Wireshark, netflow, Zenoss, Observium.
  • Live migrations of satellite and terrestrial data links to upgrade equipment and add failovoer redundancy for content engine / web accellerators.
  • Multipoint VPNs using DMVPN phase II and NHRP.
  • Educating businesses about online presence and reputation with social media and importance of engagement. Assisted in moves from static HTML to CMS such as Joomla and WordPress
  • Help businesses add geographical or cloud redudancy to network applications with Hyper-V replicas / Amazon EC2.
  • Designed, deployed, and maintained Access Lists, Cisco IOS, and Zone Based Firewalls with IPS.
  • Became guest blogger for Cisco Systems discussing emerging networking technologies such as LISP (Location/Identifier Separation Protocol).

SVP Technology

Intelepeer, Inc.

  • Period: 2006 – 2008
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Available

Directed the design and development of new technology and applications as solutions architect, while managing OSS/BSS, VoIP, and network operations through three direct reports. Represented the company and its business interests as lead technology strategist and evangelist, presenting to board members and partner/client CTOs. Advised company executives on long-term and tactical technology strategy, including intellectual property management and review of executive candidates.

  • Preserved 30% of company revenue ($1M monthly) through design and implementation of an innovative call routing technology (patent issued 8,089,952 : ) that reversed abnormally high fax and data failure rate and saved business from key client. Designed system remains in operation.
  • Identified design and hardware inadequacies (redundancy, capacity) and led new architecture development and deployment to achieve a US/UK gigabit ethernet redundant backbone and targeting Cisco to Sonus VoIP migration with Cisco 6500/7600 deployments.
  • Recruited to position following consulting contribution in the creation of a dynamic system overcoming technical challenges caused by number portability processing in the wholesale network.
  • Designed, implemented, and evangelized ENUM registry and transport services technology launched in 2008.
  • Broadened company visibility in network-phone integration through development of “voicepoke” Facebook application.


WebVoIP, Inc.

  • Period: 2002 – 2006
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Available

Conceived, launched, and directed business start-up serving VoIP businesses in more than 20 countries through fulfillment of a market gap in the provision of accurate billing information for emerging VoIP calling control systems. Drove continuous systems improvement that increased capacities and decreased costs while directing business operations to maximize revenues. Successfully deployed systems to five continents delivering more than 1 billion minutes of undisputed call processing.

  • Led the development and deployment of a distributed web-based billing and management system targeting smaller VoIP services with a less-expensive, scalable solution than previously available – with peak capabilities of 1-million-transactions per second.
  • Optimized system reliability while achieving a 700% capacity increase through discovery of a radius protocol design flow methodology that improved on the 3%-billing-record drop standard of smaller systems and overachieved 1%-records-drop performance of some major (Nortel) systems with the tuned Linux/MySQL system.
  • Expanded market presence and reduced online advertising costs by 60% through search engine optimization (SEO) that propelled and stabilized Google rankings in the top 3 listings.
  • Drove the design and system integration of an advanced integrated call routing module that enabled configurable routing determinations based on both cost and quality.
  • Served as client partner in the investigation and resolution of complex domestic and international switching interconnects affecting fees and tariffs. Won 100% (13/13) of customer billing discrepancies, including cases against major systems vendors.


California State University, Chico

Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

Developed and maintained enterprise systems (Linux, UNIX, Novell server, Windows workstations). Earned award recognition for outstanding contributions to the University with the development of Economics and the Internet, an undergraduate course which was adopted as standard course offering. Instructed the course in partnership with the department chair.

Class of 1995 – Award for Outstanding Contributions

Additional Information


Former certifications

  • Cisco CCNP RS
  • Cisco CCNA Security
  • Cisco CCDA

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